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Power Smart Pricing Gets Approval to Continue through 2017

November 8, 2012

On November 8, 2012, the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC) completed its evaluation of the Power Smart Pricing (PSP) program and ruled in favor of continuing and expanding the program. The ICC evaluation looked at the results of the program since its launch in 2007 and found that hourly-time electricity pricing has benefited customers and helped to reduce peak demand for electricity. Since the program started, PSP participants have saved an average of 25 percent on the electricity supply portion of their bills. In addition, participants have reduced their electricity use during peak hours when the price of electricity is high.

Reducing peak demand benefits all customers because it lowers strain on the electrical grid and reduces the amount of expensive, peak-time power that Ameren Illinois needs to buy for customers. A lower peak demand is also good for the environment, because it reduces the need to operate older, less efficient generation facilities in order to meet peak demand.