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Do the Cool Weather Shift

October 29, 2015

Now that the days are getting cooler, it’s time to make the shift to fall and winter price patterns.

Compared with summer prices, fall, winter, and spring prices are generally lower and the price pattern is more stable. During the cooler months, there tends to be a small price spike in the morning as people are getting ready for work and another spike in the evening as people arrive home.

Hourly prices can increase in the winter if there is a period of intense and sustained cold weather. This is because extreme weather can result in higher demand for electricity for space heating, while also driving up the cost of fuels used for electricity generation.

To manage your electricity costs during the cooler months, keep the price pattern below in mind and shift some of your electricity usage to times when prices tend to be lower. You can also track hourly prices online, through the Power Smart Pricing mobile app, or by calling 1-877-655-6028.


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