Power Smart Pricing - A Smart Electricity Rate from Ameren Illinois


Instructions for iPhone/iPad

  1. Start by accessing m.powersmartpricing.org.
  2. Once on the website m.powersmartpricing.org, prompt the options bar to appear. Select the button at the bottom-middle of the screen that looks like a box with an arrow.
  3. When you select the indicated icon, an “Add to Home” screen will appear. Select “Add” once you name the app as you please.
  4. Once you select “Add”, an options screen will appear. Select the option “Add to Home Screen.”
  5. The PSP app image will appear on your iPhone home screen. You may have to scroll to locate it.
  6. Select the icon to open the app. To log in, enter your 10-digit Ameren account number (do not include the dash) and 5-digit zip code. Unless you actively log out, you should remain logged into the app for 365 days.