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Enrolling is Easy

Read the program FAQs or call us at 1-877-655-6028 to learn if Power Smart Pricing is right for you.

Complete the online authorization form below.

Shift some of your usage to lower priced hours to manage your costs on the program.

If you purchase electricity through another supplier, check with them first regarding contract terms and requirements before enrolling in Power Smart Pricing.

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    Terms & Conditions

  • I confirm that I am the customer of record at the service address provided above.

    I am requesting Power Smart Pricing service under Rider PSP and Rider RTP (available at AmerenIllinois.com) pursuant to an Ameren Illinois tariff approved by the Illinois Commerce Commission (ICC).

    I acknowledge that an Interval Data Recording (IDR) or smart meter or meters capable of recording electricity usage in hourly intervals must be installed at my premises by Ameren Illinois in order to commence and maintain service under Rider PSP.

    I acknowledge that if my premises does not have a smart electric meter installed, then Ameren Illinois must have access to the meter location at my home during all normal business hours Monday through Saturday throughout the year to ensure hourly readings are available to support my participation on Power Smart Pricing.

    I understand that I can request to leave Power Smart Pricing at any time; however, I may not rejoin an Ameren Illinois hourly rate for a period of 12 billing cycles following the termination.

    I acknowledge that a monthly participation charge of $2.25 will be added to my Ameren Illinois electric bill.

  • I agree to the terms and conditions of taking service under both Rider PSP and Rider RTP now in effect and as may be amended from time to time.

    I authorize this participation agreement to be secured and maintained by Elevate Energy.

    I authorize Ameren Illinois to release my account information including energy usage and billing information and all other information permitted by law to Elevate Energy.

    I understand that Elevate Energy will keep my account information confidential and will use this information only to operate and improve the program, and to provide me with access to my account information through a secure interface on the Elevate Energy website.

    I authorize my electrical usage data and billing information to be used in aggregate with other Rider PSP participants for purposes of evaluating consumer and system benefits and understand that my individual data will be held confidential.

    I acknowledge that Power Smart Pricing is a program that may be terminated or modified at a future date.

    I understand the price I will pay for electricity I use is based on the hourly market price for energy, which may be above or below the standard rate for residential customers (BGS 1).