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Learn how the Power Smart Pricing program can help you, the environment, and your community.


Consumer Benefits

If you are smart about how and when you use your electricity, Power Smart Pricing could help you save on electricity costs.

Environmental Benefits

By reducing electricity use during peak demand times, you’ll help reduce the need to build or operate additional power plants and help lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Community Benefits

Shifting electricity use helps ease stress on the power distribution system, making electric service more reliable for you and your community.


Current Number of Energy Savvy Participants

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The most obvious reason is because it saves me $.But the program also teaches me about LOTS of ways that I can be more energy efficient!

Angela O.

I can save money by washing diapers late at night.

Becky B.

I love Power Smart Pricing because I switched the heating of my indoor pool to off-peak hours which in turn saves me a ton of money!!!

Brian D.

Power Smart Pricing combined with the Chevrolet Volt save me and my family considerably in daily transportation costs.

Cory G.

The flexibility to choose when I use my electricity to save money and the Power Smart Pricing rate hourly info in order to do it.

Dan J.

I have the Power Now to Save!

Debra I.

I enjoy the continuous power saving hints provided by Ameren that lower my monthly bills.

Don W.

I love the price alerts you provide to consumers a head of time on an hourly basis, and this enables me to adjust my consumption.

Edward G.

My timer is set to run our home air conditioner at the most economical hours and most efficient operating time.

Erwin K.

Being in the know, getting heads up on rate fluctuations, you helping me save my money. Win-Win.

Gary W.

The energy savings is great and it reminds you to be smart about how and when to use energy!

George L.

My dishwasher has a 4-hour delay option. I put the last dishes of the day in at 10pm and set the machine to start at 2am.

Harold I.

Saves me money and updates me when prices are high!

Jeanine B.

Saved $1,196.56 so far- got to love it, everyone should get in on this.

Jeffrey D.

My office is saving close to 20% off of my regular bill.

John G.

I love that it saves us money each month!!!

Joshua A.

It is a smooth operating system that really works to save their customers money!

Keith D.

If you don’t know about Power Smart Pricing find out and I tell all my friends about it as well.

Larry B.

I love that it makes me feel like I’m helping our planet by wasting less energy!

Lee S.

As a retiree, I’m away from the house much of the day but I can run the washer and dryer later in the day, i.e. 10 PM to save on the cost of electricity.

Les E.

The ability to have better control of my energy costs, like setting my dishwasher to run after midnight.

Lori L

I naturally charge my Tesla EV at night, when the rates are 1-3 cents, i.e., downtown Chicago and back for $0.93!

Mark S.

Changing Hourly Rates for adjusting usage.

Mary J.

Our family works variable hours so it is easy for us to shift our usage to the evening to save us money.

Melissa J.

Since we started using Power Smart we’ve saved $715.92!!! What’s not to love!!

Michael B.

Because of incredible low prices at night time hours, I could sleep with this setting during the summer nights!

Min H.

I love being an energy conscious fool?

Monty S.

We love the ability to control our energy costs by managing when we use the electricity we receive.

Nan & Charles B.

I have saved for $500!!!!

Paul E.

It helps us make more sustainable use of our ancient air conditioner!

Paul S.

It’s easy, frugal, and helps the environment and our neighbors!!

Phyllis J.

Power Smart Pricing saves enough each month to feed my toy!

Robert H.

We use PSP to decide when to trim our three miniature donkeys before the summer heat really hits.

Scott K.

The pricing information chart that allows us to choose the lowest cost for everyday household chores.

Tanya R.

I get to lower my electricity bill one day at a time.

Timothy L.

Be smart, stay cool!

Tom S.

I love that I am saving money on my bill each month with Power Smart Pricing.

Tracey B.

I love the fact that PSP saves me money, over $500 in the 6 years I’ve been with the program, which I used to help pay for a long overdue vacation.

Wally T.

24 months ago, my dad told me about PSP and how easy it is to save money, was he right as usual!!  So easy to do and so much to save!

Susan O.

Power Smart Pricing saves us money because my family uses a programmable timer on our pool filter, using energy when it is least expensive.

Nancy H.

A Note from Ameren Illinois:
A Note from Ameren Illinois:

Ameren Illinois is neutral to your electric supply choice and therefore does not recommend one supply option over another. We do fully support and encourage you to explore all of your electric supply options. Regardless of your energy supply choice, our commitment to delivering safe reliable energy remains unchanged. Elevate Energy is the approved administrator for the Power Smart Pricing program.

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