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About Hourly Prices

What’s smart about hourly pricing

Imagine going to the grocery store but all of the items did not have a price. When you were done, your purchases were added up, but you did not pay for it until the end of the month. It becomes difficult to determine where the money is going, and therefore even harder to lower your bill from month to month.

Hourly pricing connects you to the cost of electricity. You can find discounted prices during off peak times, and Power Smart Pricing provides you with tools to track your energy usage. Take some of the mystery out of shopping for electricity with Power Smart Pricing!

How the hourly price of electricity gets set

As a Power Smart Pricing participant, prices you pay will vary from hour to hour, depending on the actual market price for electricity. The prices are set a day-ahead by the hourly wholesale electricity market run by the Midwest Independent System Operator (MISO). Follow the link to learn more about the Midwest ISO.

Since Power Smart Pricing uses the day-ahead prices, the prices for each day are set the previous evening. These day-ahead prices are the actual prices that will be used to calculate your bill. Each evening, you can check prices for the following day online or by calling 1-877-655-6028.